DUI and Legal Issues

Most victims of car accidents involving a drunk driver seek legal advice and help. They often end up with injuries or psychological trauma. In both cases, they can seek out punitive damages which they know nothing about. Here is some helpful information on the subject.

Car Accidents Are Common

Unfortunately, statistics show that most of us will be involved in a car accident sooner or later. Intoxicated drivers are a hazard to our wellbeing, as well as, their own.

For victims of drunk drivers justice is possible. Most jurisdictions will rule in favor of the victim because these cases are very common. The judge can immediately gather who the real victim is. They will also be inclined to rule in favor of the victim’s demands and require full compensation. This is where the punitive damages come in handy.

What are Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are additional benefits you receive. These are damages added to medical damages and any property damage. Punitive damages are usually imposed when the driving is reckless or careless. It will seek out justice for lack of responsibility and will punish the drunk driver.

Gather Evidence

For punitive damages, you will need very convincing evidence. This means that you will persuade the court and the judge of exactly how reckless the drunk driver was. You can take pictures or record the aftermath of the accident to capture their behavior.

Another way of gathering evidence is to see where they were drinking. If there is a bar which has security footage of reckless drinking you can use that in court.

Other Damages

Apart from these damages the victim can ask compensation for any pain or suffering or lost income due to the injury.

Legal Representation

In order for you to be legally represented and protect your rights properly you need to hire an attorney. An experienced expert can help get you what you want. They will surely know how to get you the best results. They will ensure you with a positive outcome and earn you financial help for any damages.

What is more, some drunk drivers will inform their insurance companies of the accident so they can hide the fact that they were intoxicated. You will need a good attorney to see right through their cunning plan and help you get justice.

Let the Jury Know How You Feel

Make sure the jury gets your side of the story. Recount the event as vividly as you can. Provide medical records and let them know about any emotional distress. This can help your case and your lawyer. Here are some examples of how people experience traffic after their accident:

They feel unsafe and paranoid. They think every person driving is intoxicated and is a potential threat. They avoid driving and feel unsafe when they are driven. They worry about family members and friends if they are on the road. They need psychotherapy to overcome their fears.

All of these issues are common and should be addressed in the courtroom. If you ever feel like this make sure you mention it in front of the judge and jury.